The Art of Calculus 2021 A

A novel approach to Calculus

Calculus Course

The course is run by MATH-Inic Online in conjunction with the Vedic Mathematics Academy.

Description: This course takes an unusual approach to the subject and develops Calculus in a very simple and natural way. Only a knowledge of simple graphs, gradients and basic algebra is required (so children could take this course*). Note: the last four lessons are not especially Vedic - they are there to prepare the student for parts of later courses (the Advanced Diploma and Applied Maths courses).

Enrolling in the course you have:
- a trainer to answer questions,
- regular tests,
- discussion forums,
- a certificate for those who pass.

Course start: June 8, 2019 - 4 weeks
Mode: 100 % Online.
18 Video Lessons with online Tests and Forum discussions.
Self paced: watch 4 or 5 videos each week at any time that suits you. Lessons are 20 minutes long on average. Each lesson/video has a test at the end.
Enrol and study from any part of the globe.
No prerequisites - anyone can join.
Cost: $45 or P2,250

Course created and delivered by Kenneth Williams.

Course Content:
1 Growth and Limits,
2 Gradient of a Secant,
3 Gradient of a Tangent,
4 Optimisation,
5 Cubics and Beyond,
6 Negative Powers,
7 Fractional Powers,
8 Ratio of Gradients,
9 Area Under a Parabola,
10 Ratio of Areas,
11 Integration,
12 Integration and Area,
13 Motion,
14 Differential Equations,
15 Functions,
16 Function of a Function,
17 Products and Quotients,
18 The Exponential Function.

Your Instructor

Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams, the course instructor, is one of the world’s leading proponents of Vedic Math. He began his research on Vedic Math in 1971 and, over the course of his career, has published numerous articles, academic papers, and books on Mathematics and Vedic Math. He has also created Vedic Math courses both for teachers, and for learners.

Kenneth has given talks and conducted courses on Mathematics around the world, including Oxford University in London, Sweden, Holland, the United States, India, and Singapore. He also offers online courses on Vedic Mathematics.

He will be assisted by Virgilio Y. Prudente and Veronica S. Prudente in this course. Both have completed the Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction, and also other courses under Kenneth Williams such as Advanced Diploma in Vedic Maths Course, Applied Mathematics Applications of Vedic Mathematics, Calculus Course, and Powers, Roots and Equations Course.

Virgilio is also the creator of MATH-Inic, and the author of the books 25 Math Short Cuts and Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic.

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